Saturday, December 27, 2008

Non-materialist neuroscientist's criticisms of current medicine called "well-founded"

Here, Jack Cole, The Country Shrink defends Stonybrook's non-materialist neurosurgeon Michael Egnor:
I thought Egnor’s criticism of medicine was well founded. In my practice, I frequently have to fill in the gaps for my patients with chronic medical problems that “contemporary medicine” fails to fill. I’m sorry, but a 5-15 minute appointment hardly fills the bill.
Egnor, trying to set the record straight, happened to stumble on a world of self-satisfied ignorance among materialists that is currently being blown out of the water, both physically and spiritually.

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Materialist neuroscience continues search for crock in remote past

In "In search of the God neuron" (Guardian, December 27, 2008) Brit sociologist Steven Rose reviews recent books on the brain:
If humans do have an evolved sense of morality, or indeed of beauty or romantic love, the evidence shows that in practice our standards are remarkably flexible. Under these circumstances, to seek for their neurobiological correlates may be on a par with hunting the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. With the difference that the gold could at least be put to practical use.
Actually, it is precisely neuroplasticity that can be put to use, not claims about how you only think you shouldn't cheat because your non-human ancestors would have ... .