Saturday, July 19, 2008

How not to study science ...

From an interesting blog called Standing on my Head, operated by Father Dwight Longnecker:

Some time ago I read a book by a guy who says he lost his Catholic faith when he began to study science and discovered that there was no evidence for the existence of angels. Duuh. Angels are non materialistic beings. Trying to devise a trap for an angel is like trying to make a potted fern receive radio waves.
Of course, if that guy had studied psychology, he would have lost his faith when he discovered that the human mind can only be understood as a non-material entity.

Actually, it is possible to devise a trap, so to speak, for the mind, because we can watch it at work, modifying the brain. Mario and I talk about that in Chapter 6 of The Spiritual Brain.

Now, I wonder, could a trap be devised for an angel? If we go by accounts in the Bible, angels can be very dangerous, so I do not advise it except as a thought experiment.
Note: I think this crowd scene includes some angels. I hope the picture is public domain.