Saturday, September 08, 2007

Science journalist notices that people are smarter than apes

I was, so to speak, "shocked" to read this story from Reuters:
Shock: kids smarter than chimps
by Will Dunham
September 07, 2007 09:22am
Article from: Reuters

IN another case of researchers reporting the bleeding obvious, European scientists have found that children are smarter than chimpanzees.

A unique study comparing the abilities of human toddlers to chimpanzees and orang-utans found that two-year-old children have social learning skills superior to the apes, the researchers said.
In one social learning test, a researcher showed the children and apes how to pop open a plastic tube to get food or a toy contained inside. The children observed and imitated the solution.

The apes, of course, tried to smash their way in.

I think I LIKE Will Dunham. He admits stuff that is true.

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