Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jottings from here are there:

I have to write for another blog this week, but here are some posts from my other blog, the Post-Darwinist (generally from before I started this blog so I couldn't put them here), that would be of interest to Mindful readers:

Read about the brights - materialists who take themselves very VERY seriously, and "the brites" (briter than a brand new brillo pad!) who don't.

Did cosmonaut Yuri Gagarine really say "I don't see any God up there"? It never appears in the transcript. Interesting story.

Coma victim wakes up after 19 years - brain completely rewired.

Stone Age bling "... the shell necklace suggests that the emergence of human consciousness enabled a number of developments rather quickly." I don't in principle object to speculation about how human consciousness developed; the problem is that it likely wasn't - and did not need to be - a long, slow process. While looking for something that isn't there, people develop (and then swear by) just so stories.

And another post of interest:

So long and thanks for all the fish? You're welcome. Dolphins are dumb in real life, actually.