Sunday, May 13, 2007

Predictions: Ideology dead but spirituality lives?

From the May 2007 edition of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, an ecumenical Christian mag, a comment on the future of ideology (no) vs. spirituality (yes):
"We will live in a world that will seem and be as Christian as today it seems scientific," believes the French anthropologist Rene Girard, writing in a new book, Truth or Weak Faith (Verita o fede debole). "Philosophies in fact are almost dead. Ideologies are virtually deceased; political theories are almost altogether spent. Confidence in the fact that science can replace religion has already been surmounted. There is in the world a new need for religion." Moral relativism, he argues, "is the product of the failure of modern anthropology, of the attempt to resolve problems linked to the diversity of human cultures. Anthropology has failed because it has not succeeded in explaining the different human cultures as a unitary phenomenon," which Christianity does.

This item is not available just yet at the archives, but lots of other good stuff is. Search on "Girard" for material by/on this interesting French thinker.

For my part, I don't agree that the world seems terribly scientific today. For most people committed to science, science is a superstition that tells them that they are really just primate apes (and therefore not really responsible for their actions) and that the Earth and the universe are all just some big accident. And the future lies in programming people to be, ... well, whatever we need them to be. That is one of the last ideologies standing, as a matter of fact, and - currently - anyone who crosses it gets in big trouble.

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