Friday, May 22, 2009

Religion: Yes, faith is good for you

Here's a short YouTube of the skinny on one aspect of The Spiritual Brain, which I worked into a chapter of Hot Apple Cider.

Hey, if you want to know about the Canadian Christian community, do NOT waste your time on Canadian lit queen Margaret Atwood's diseased fantasies about "Gilead."

Buy this indispensable book instead.

(Note: Atwood didn't have the guts to write the Gilead garbage about Canada. Because she knew that her fellow citizens - a great many of whom are devout Christians - would smell the horse dung.

So she set the story in the southern United States, which we seldom get a chance to visit.

In reality, we traditional Canadian Christians, Jews, and Muslims are world leaders in freedom of expression.

I am ashamed of the fact that so few literati (mere government-funded glitterati?) have bothered to notice that. But I do not care, because it is true anyway, and they will soon find out, if they haven't already.)

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