Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coffee!! Zombies: A science-based explanation?

Here's a video on the topic featuring Dr. Stephen Schlozman. Also, in The Varsity (University of Toronto’s magazine), I came across an interesting article explaining zombies.

A plausible cause is paralytic puffer fish poison, and later disorientation caused by subsequently administered drugs. So if the victim doesn’t just die, he may indeed behave in a strange way.

Obviously, one can discount the legends and horror stories around zombies. But the fact that some people might use such poisons is not hard to believe – especially in a jurisdiction like Haiti where most cases would not be subjects of lab analysis. The guilty party may have little to fear from the law.

No wonder more horror movies are made about Haiti than about Canada. In a boring place like this, we would do lab work and find out what, exactly, was in the person's blood stream - and proceed from there.

Too bad for the horror movie industry, eh? Horror thrives on uncertainty and "beyond the fringe."

If you would enjoy investigating the horror nonsense, here are some trailers.


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