Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why we must make sure the Darwinists lose

Here, in "Justification by Faith", Darwinist atheist Michael Ruse comments on Christopher (new atheist) Hitchens's esophageal cancer diagnosis ( bad news):
Third, with Hitchens I simply don’t see that deathbed conversions, especially those done in fear or pain, are worth a thing. They have about as much validity as a confession forced out through waterboarding. I have often wondered, when I am on a plane, if it were announced that it was hijacked and we were on the way to the White House or whatever, what then would I do? Would I tell Jesus that I am sorry? I confess that I might. But if Jesus thinks that that is worth anything, then he loses my respect entirely.
This is merely disgusting. Death concentrates the mind on what is real. Look at other examples of the human race: Todd Beamer, the guy who was a devout Christian, took charge of a plane captured by terrorists, possibly aimed at the Capitol or the White House. He said the Lord's Prayer with an emergency services worker before shouting Let's roll! to other men on the plane, creating a disturbance that probably resulted in the plane's crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, losing all on board.

Michael Ruse wouldn't respect Jesus if he told him he was sorry for his sins, and Jesus accepted that fact? Well then, I don't respect Michael Ruse. And you can decide whether you are better off living in Todd Beamer's version of American society or Michael Ruses. One must choose. But those people were doomed anyway, and he prevented vastly worse disorders.

Too many people, in my experience, do not understand what is at stake.