Monday, June 09, 2008

Coffee break: Indulge your popular psychology test mania!

Do you suffer from test mania?

Apparently, you can take a bunch of pop psych tests here, to answer such shattering questions as

"Are you lazy?
"Do people love you?"
"What do people think of you?"
"Can you influence other people?"

You must sign in to get a score, and I didn't. But the intuition test was certainly fun.

Disclaimer: Speaking of fun, remember the Gender Genie, which can supposedly tell your gender by the way you write (go here to see how well (uhhh ...) the Genie did with me).

I think all such tests should be taken in a spirit of fun. If you fear it won't be fun, don't do it. If you think it will be, well, if you must have coffee at your desk alone, it beats boredom.