Saturday, August 04, 2007

Desperate atheist rage

Here's Marvin Olasky on the current desperate atheist rage:
Nineteenth-century novelist Gustave Flaubert used to joke about archaeologists discovering a stone tablet signed "God" and reading, "I do not exist." His punch line had an atheist then exclaiming, "See! I told you so!"

He goes on,
Hitchens calls "the whole racket of American evangelism a heartless con" -- but I've met hundreds of compassionate evangelicals who must be dumb, because they've spent their lives in a racket that's yielded them almost no money. They've adopted hard-to-place children, built AIDS orphanages in Africa, helped addicts and alcoholics turn their lives around, and much besides.
So why, despite the evidence, are authors such as Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens so doctrinaire in their denunciations? Alister and Joanna Collicutt McGrath offer a reason in their book, "The Dawkins Delusion": "Until recently, Western atheism had waited patiently, believing that belief in God would simply die out. But now a whiff of panic is evident. Far from dying out, belief in God has rebounded "

Maybe it's all those hard-to-place children and last-chance guys weighing in ...

That's something we noted in The Spiritual Brain. Generally speaking, spirituality is shown by masses of research to be good for you. I'm looking forward to getting and reading the McGrath book, The Dawkins Delusion.

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