Sunday, July 29, 2007

Apes R Not Us, and we have to get used to it, revisited!

The combox for Apes R Not Us - (on why bonobos are not people and versa vice, and that’s just fine too) features some most interesting items today, including a reasonably sane defense of the bonobo cult by sexologist Dr. Susan Block.

On the other hand, I borfed a ridiculous huff by a primatologist who announced that I misrepresented and distorted everything. Well, of course. Not being a bonobo wannabe makes me an evil moron. It's all so simple, why doesn't the whole world get it? I did let him post a link to whatever bonobo cult I supposedly misrepresented by pointing to Parker's article in New York Review of Books.

And, as so often, interesting must-appreciated thoughts by the elusive Beast Rabban, on the historical background to the bonobo cult. (I am trying to find this Beast, but don't want to scare him.)

A highly recommended combox.


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