Thursday, May 10, 2007

Debate: Anti-God book author vs. Christian Citizen author

Christianity Today has sponsored a debate between Christopher Hitchens God Is Not Great and Letter from a Christian Citizen* author Douglas Wilson. Wilson, for example:

P. G. Wodehouse once said that some minds are like soup in a poor restaurant—better left unstirred. I am afraid that I find myself sympathizing with him as I consider atheism. I had been minding my own business on this subject for a number of years when I saw Sam Harris's book on the desk of a colleague, and that led to my book in response, not to mention a review of Richard Dawkins's most recent book, and now a series of responses to your God is Not Great, all culminating in this exchange. I am afraid that my problem is this: The more I stir the bowl, the more certain fumes, mystery meats, and questions keep floating to the surface. Here are a few of them.

For Hitchens' opening and for Wilson's reply, go here. I quoted just enough to apprise you that this is NOT a zzzzz-off between a dull divine and an earnest atheist. It's actually fun.

* Letter is apparently a response not to Hitchens but to another of the current spate of anti-God books, Letter to a Christian Nation. I have not got to either debater's book as yet but this introduction to the debate is amusing.

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