Sunday, January 09, 2011

Non-materialist psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz's new book: You Are Not Your Brain

The new book, written with Dr. Rebecca Gladding and to be released June 2011, provides a four-step guide to getting control of behaviours we know are bad for us.

Trouble is, we've practised them for so long that everything in us knows the routine, like the proverbial retired fire horse, and that's why we feel helpless to change.

Dr. Schwartz's breakthrough UCLA research work in treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) provided hard evidence that the mind can control the brain's chemistry. And
“You Are Not Your Brain” focuses on helping people use the Four Step method to deal with anxiety, depression, overeating, overthinking/overanalyzing, as well as find new, lasting ways to change habits that are unhelpful to them, such as using alcohol, substances or unhealthy behaviors to alleviate stress or deal with unsettling feelings and experiences.
Dr. Gladding shares his perspective:
Dr. Gladding has been working with Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz since 1999 and shares his philosophy that the mind can change the brain – most often without medications (or at the very least minimizing their use as much as possible). She is an expert in the biology underlying deceptive brain messages, mindfulness and the Four Steps and regularly teaches people how to apply the Four Steps to their lives, businesses and relationships.
Here's Dr. Schwartz on "Eye on Entertainment":

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