Thursday, November 13, 2008

Multidirectional skepticism? - skepticism finding its true voice?

In the fallout from New Scientist's ridiculous hit piece against the non-materialist neuroscientists, I made some interesting new acquaintances, including the folk at Skeptiko. From what I can tell, they are multi-directional skeptics - that includes skepticism of the "skeptical" pose when it is merely a defense against a counter-opinion reality.

Unfortunately, for decades now, materialists have advanced their agenda claiming to be"skeptics", when in reality, "any old nonsense" will do as long as it advances a materialist agenda.

The "God meme" as a unit of thought? Swell. Temporal lobe epilepsy as the explanation for the world's great religions? Yeah. Bring it on.

Public funding morphs materialist nonsense from an eccentricity to a scandal!

Here's a list of Skeptiko programs you can choose from, including some with transcripts:

57. The Psychic Detective Challenge

56. Dr. Jon Klimo on Channeling and Consciousness
55. Carol Tavris on Mistakes and Skeptics
54. Skeptic Ben Radford, Police & Psychic Detectives
53. Noreen Renier, Psychic Detectives and Skeptics
52. Skeptic Lynne Kelly on Cold Reading Techniques
51. Dr. Julie Beischel Responds to Critics of Psychic Medium Research
50. Skeptical Inquirer Editor, Ben Radford
49. Craig Hogan, Your Mind Is Not Your Brain
48. Jonathan Balcombe on Animal Rights

Do I know if it's all valid? No.

Do I know that something other than materialism is true? Yes, of course.

What I always say is, if it sounds unbelievable, don't believe it, and when in doubt, doubt. This is a time for exploration, not dogma. We are lucky to live in such a time. Enjoy.

You could have been born in a time when the "truth" shovelled out to you by "The Wise" crushed your soul to bits, but there was no alternative!


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