Monday, April 02, 2007

Hostile takeover of Eastern spiritual traditions?: Well, if immature Westerners can't find help in their own traditions ...?

Hey, this is for anyone who doesn't think there is enough silliness out there:

When Eastern yoga, adopted as a lark by immature people, meets degenerate Western therapy, the results can be grim. A guy can't just not follow up with a girl. And this isn't even religious fundamentalism either. It's about everything that's wrong with all traditions at once. Good advice from this article in Slate:
Hey, if Buddhism and other Eastern traditions are about compassion, why not skip the scented bath, skip making amends with the self, skip realization of "the opportunity to embrace aparigraha or non-grasping." Instead, go down to the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and help some people who don't have the resources to send flowers to themselves, people who actually need help. Rather than continuing the endless processes of anointing yourself with overly scented candlelit self-love.

A-MEN, brother. You preach it! At any given time, there can only be one human being who is worse off than every other human being in the world, so almost any one of us can find a person who needs our help. And that's vastly more useful than ruminating on unhappiness.

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