Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catching up with mailbox: Antony Flew

A correspondent has directed my attention to this vid, which he says should answer all doubts about whether Antony Flew was in his right mind toward the end of his life, when he decided the universe showed evidence of design. I never doubted that the late Antony Flew was in his right mind, but always think scrubbing out that kind of nonsense is worthwhile. I never doubted it, but - having dealtt with many seniors - I am well aware of the need to distinguish between words and concepts.

My father, 91 and suffering a stroke, cannot remember my name. He calls me “sheila” = “my girl”.

Yes, Dad, I am your girl, and will always be your girl, and even the invasions of time and late-life disease have not erased that.

I wonder what the usual Internet Darwinists would have to say. Maybe they want to take the opportunity to confess their atheism.