Monday, October 05, 2009

Religion: Putting God on trial once again

I thought you couldn't be tried twice for the same offence, not here anyway.

The publicist for a new novel, banned in Malaysia, advises me that the author wishes to put God on trial.
With his new book, The Book of Walla, Krishn takes a controversial approach in capturing and relaying the power and significance of spirituality worldwide, essentially putting religion “on the spot” to explain its starring role in human conflict. Its main character, Dr. Shoorab blames religious dogma for upheaval in his life, and consequently sues God. The defendants – from all different religious sects – find themselves putting these differences aside.
Interesting, but not new, I am afraid. It is the central thesis of the Book of Job, possibly the oldest book in the Bible (3500 years old). And don't count on getting God convicted when he starts to argue his case.

Banned in Malaysia? I'd rather be banned in Britain for the anticipated publicity. But we'll see.

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