Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Less than Zero: Your daughter is in danger if she takes high fashion seriously

My favourite mag Salvo has sent round a free article - which turns out to be one I wrote in 2006 - Less than Zero - the drive to be impossibly thin:

Last October, there were some unaccustomed hisses on the Madrid catwalk—directed against gaunt girls. Size 0 scored 0. One in three models, at less than size 8, was ordered offstage by the audience.

Spain isn’t the hottest fashion walk in Europe, but some star-studded runways are grudgingly following its bold move. Maybe the starvation trend has peaked—about time, say many disgusted fashionistas.

In recent years, according to the UK’s Sarah Watkinson, who manages attractive models of normal proportions, “some designers especially like to use incredibly thin girls to wear their clothes because they like the shock aspect. These days more and more very skinny, size-zero models are being used.”

The real shock is that underneath the duds, zeros may hover wispily close to death’s door. One model fell through it last year.
Go here for more, and if you then subscribe to Salvo - a Christian popoular culture and science mag - you will make my editor very, very happy. Me too, you betcha. He is way easier to deal with when he knows we have funds for the next edition.

But anyway, read it for free and pass it on.