Monday, July 21, 2008

Psychiatrist Jeff Schwartz speaks on what drugs can do for you - and what you and your mind must do for yourself

Stephanie West Allen from Brains on Purpose relays an interview with Mario's non-materialist neuroscience colleague Jeffrey Schwartz on Irish radio here.

Psychiatrist Schwartz addresses key topics like self-directed neuroplasticity, role of drugs and therapists, narcissism, empowering clients, self-help, OCD, and more.

Well, good for him! The reality is that non-materialist neuroscience should be the way of the future for mental health.

We cannot fix ourselves by taking drugs. Drugs might help us calm down or cheer up, but they don't create mental health. They're not miracles, they're just chemicals. They're stupid, basically.
They do not have ideas. WE have ideas. Any idea we ever got, good or bad, we did not get from a drug. And for better mental health, we need to replace bad ideas with good ideas.

Like any real world program for improvement, it's not easy - but it is possible.