Friday, April 25, 2008

Investigating atheism?: Start here

Rupert Sheldrake, whose books I have just ordered from the library, has put up a site called Investigating Atheism. He seems to be even-handed, though I gather he thinks that the "New Atheism" is as much a crock as I do (it is the "New Coke" of atheism):
the 'new atheists' have had a mixed reception, not only among the religious (as is to be expected) but also among fellow atheists and agnostics, who have often accused them of oversimplifying the issues.

The purpose of this site is to set these contemporary 'God Wars' in their historical context, and to offer a range of perspectives (from all sides) on the chief issues raised by the 'new atheists'. We hope this will encourage more informed opinion about the issues, discourage oversimplification of the debate, and deepen the interest in the subject.

Sheldrake provides many useful references and links. Note especially, the New Atheist goals, where we learn, for example, that

Belief in God and evolution are not compatible.

Religion tends to subvert science.

Atheism is not discredited by the 'atheist tyrannies' of Hitler and Stalin.

Religious education of children is 'child abuse'.

Hardly a recipe for social peace.

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