Monday, February 04, 2008

Why can't they all lose? Why can't we all win?

There are times when, hearing attack ads that form the key shot in so many political campaigns today, I find myself saying the obvious thing. What a pity they can't ALL lose! They've all made each other sound like losers, so ...

Attempting to address this problem, a group called Association of Unity Churches has launched a "Look for the good" campaign, a positive response to negative campaigning. They hope they are having an effect:
One blogger on the "Look for the Good" website wrote, "I've noted with interest that at least one candidate -- a leader in the polls -- has commented on the need to let voters know what the party and the candidate is FOR, not what they are against ... I like to think that our announcements did make a positive impact."

Well, I hope they are too. It can't be good for voters' mental health to be besieged by attempts to create contempt for nationally known figures 24/7.