Monday, February 04, 2008

Religion and politics?: Generally, it all becomes politics

One of my Muslim friends, Mustafa Akyol, describes what happens when politicians try to start churches:
Perhaps the symbolism on the front wall of the church is meaningful. Above the small sized cross, lies a huge poster of Atatürk superimposed on the red and white Turkish flag. In the room beneath, there is another poster of Atatürk with a controversial quote: “When the homeland is in question, everything else is trivial.” This slogan, attributed to the Great Leader, has recently become the battle cry of ultra-nationalists, who say that Turkey is in danger, and thus all other values, such as democracy, human rights and freedoms are secondary. Apparently those trivialities include even the real great leader that a real church must be dedicated to — Jesus Christ.

And this politician wasn't even a Christian, but he did have a use for a church in his campaign machinery ... .

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