Friday, February 08, 2008

Interview with Spiritual Brain authors Mario and Denyse at campus Web site

I Am Next ... where university and college students are going ... kindly posted an interview with Mario Beauregard and me (well, many of the questions we answered).

For example,
Is the mind an illusion created by the brain?
1. Materialists generally say yes. However, they have not proved that.

Quite the opposite. They start with that assumption, and then they fit anything they see into it.

Non-materialist neuroscience demonstrates that the mind is real and can change the brain. For example, Jeffrey Schwartz, a nonmaterialist UCLA neuropsychiatrist, treats obsessive-compulsive disorder by getting patients to reprogram their brains. Similarly, some of my neuroscientist colleagues at the Université de Montréal and I have demonstrated, via brain imaging techniques, that women and girls can control sad thoughts, men can control responses to erotic films, and people who suffer from phobias such as spider phobia can reorganize their brains so that they lose the fear.
Evidence of the mind’s control over the brain is actually captured in these studies. There is such a thing as “mind over matter.” We do have will power, consciousness, and emotions, and combined with a sense of purpose and meaning, we can effect change.

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