Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Meditation catching on at universities?

Well, this beats booze binges, for long term health:
On her last sabbatical, Fran Grace went into the woods. In a remote cabin in a southeastern Oregon forest, with no electricity, Internet or phone, the University of Redlands religious studies chair sat down and began to meditate. When she returned to the California campus in fall 2004, she changed her class offerings — shifting from courses like “Religion and Hate” to contemplative-based classes in meditation, healing and compassion.

“It brought forth a commitment in me to see how do we integrate these kinds of contemplative moments in a learning environment for students, where they can drop down to a deeper level, a calmer level,” says Grace. “It seems so obvious to me that a calmer mind is a more focused mind and a more focused mind is a better learning mind. But we don’t really ever talk about that.”

Apparently, the trend is catching on. Good thing too. Can't see a course in "Religion and Hate" doing much for wholeness and wellness.

Hat tip Stephanie West Allen, at Brains on Purpose

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