Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mario Beauregard on CBC Radio

Anna Maria Tremonti of Canadian Broadcastng Corporation's The Current interviewed Montreal neuroscientist Mario Beauregard (27 12 2007), author (together with myself) of The Spiritual Brain.

To listen, go here, select The Current, then scroll down to
27/12/2007: The Spiritual Brain
Mario Beauregard is a neuroscientist who has been studying the brain for years. His findings are surprising: he believes he has found a neurological reason to believe in the existence of the soul.

Right click to Download 27/12/2007: The Spiritual Brain
[mp3 file: runs 19:37]

Sorry that's so complex, but I cannot find a direct link to single podcast's own page.

Update: A kind commenter named Israel has left a note to say that you can go here, but note that the podcast will begin immediately.

I had mentioned this earlier and will put the link there too.

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