Friday, December 14, 2007

Hey, brighten my day ... a pupil of the great Sir John Eccles writes re The Spiritual Brain!

Dear Denyse,
As a neuroscientist (pupil of Sir John Eccles) just to say how much I enjoyed Mario's & your book. I agree with much that you say. I attach two papers in press that may be of interest. Also you may be interested in my anti-materialist account of mind and brain — The Walls of Plato's Cave published in 1994 by Avebury Press (Aldershot). and my two highly critical reviews of Crick's book:—.

Smythies JR. (1994) Review of Francis Crick. The Astonishing Hypothesis. Brain, 117, 899-901.

Smythies JR. (1994) Shipwreck of a grand hypothesis: review of Francis Crick. The Astonishing Hypothesis., Inquiry, 37; 267.

I am indeed interested, John, and I have found Web links to Consciousness: Some basic issues and this search will help readers find your other papers of interest, as they may be interested also.

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