Monday, November 19, 2007

O come all ye faithless ... ?

A friend insists I should blog on this:

... the free Dawkins Christmas cards they're giving away with every sale of Dawkins' tome at Borders, UK.

the BLURB:

Free Christmas Card with Borders' Exclusive God Delusion!

Richard Dawkins' hugely popular and controversial "The God Delusion" has been a bestseller for Borders this year. To celebrate this success, we've got a special "Oh Come All Ye Faithless" Christmas card to give away with every copy of the Borders exclusive edition of the book. Hurry! Offer available while stocks last.

Wow, what taste. Right up there with all the ceramic Elvis busts and the pissing boy lamps that I thought I had got rid of in the early 1960s. Bad taste is immortal, I guess.

And it’s not even as if I was lighting firecrackers on the Feast of Giordano Bruno (the atheists’ fest) or anything. Let Bruno’s cinders rest in pieces. And Dawkins’s crowd should invent their own darn traditions. Hat tip to my most culturally alert friend!

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