Monday, November 26, 2007

Birth order: Is being “bossy” in your elder sister’s genes?

Does birth order make a difference in personality? Yes, according to some scientists and no according to others. A vicious paper war has been going on in this subject for years:
In a vitriolic exchange with Sulloway on the website, [Judith] Harris explains that the strategies children learn to use at home to get along with siblings are not the same as those they employ outside home and in later life.

[ ... ]

For his part, Sulloway is unapologetic. "Judith Harris does not really have a point," he says.

And so forth.

(Did you notice how much the exchange sounds like a fight between a brother and sister? I wonder ... )

As an eldest sister myself, I know the answer and will announce it to you right now, to save you younger siblings further trouble: Eldest Sister is always right and she always rules. As it happens, Eldest Sister does not have an opinion on this subject, so for once you are free to believe what you please.

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