Thursday, November 29, 2007

Antony Flew: Author or puppet?

From Publishers' Weekly, more flames in the Flew controversy - that is, DID Antony Flew write the book that appears under his name?

(Flew is the boffo British atheist who decided that There is a God based on the intelligent design of the universe. Unsurprisingly, the claim has been made that, because Flew is in his eighties, his “with” author Roy Varghese, really wrote the book - but Flew denies that.)

I am pretty certain Flew did write the book in the sense that matters most - at his age (mid-80s) he must obviously focus on ensuring that his change of mind is accurately explained before he loses all control over the story.

After all, a dead author is owned by his readers, and we must assume that Flew knows that.

Actually, Flew’s conversion (to some sort of belief in a God) is real. And it is for good reasons - for example, the fine tuning of the universe for life. I have followed his journey with interest for several years.

Incidentally, I have now received a review copy of There Is a God, and will read it carefully, all the more so in view of the recent author!, author! uproar, clearly aimed at discrediting his testimony.

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