Monday, October 15, 2007

ChristianWeek review of The Spiritual Brain now online

Here's the ChristianWeek review of The Spiritual Brain by Larry Reynolds, Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba:
Studies of those who have had near death experiences are discussed in some detail and make very interesting reading. People who have had heart attacks, suffered "brain death" and have been successfully resuscitated seem to have similar experiences. Their contact with a loving caring force or light and reunion with deceased friends are often combined with an awareness of activities that happened in the room while they were "dead."
These experiences cannot be explained from a purely materialist viewpoint. However, some scientists, despite their claims to the contrary, are not always reasonable people and can be blinded by their faith in materialism, evolution and relativism. There is little doubt that many of them will reject the evidence presented in this book.

Maybe, but even atheists can have near death experiences.

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