Tuesday, September 18, 2007

HarperCollins Canada offers free stuff from The Spiritual Brain project

An excerpt from Chapter One.

Also, an interview with me. For example,

Q: Are spiritual experiences delusions created by a misfiring brain?

A: No. There is no God spot in the brain. Spiritual experiences are complex, like intense experiences with other human beings. There is, however, a mystical state of experience that is not quite the same thing as an emotional state. That does not prove that the mystic contacts something outside herself, but it is consistent with it.
Q: Does the brain mediate spiritual experiences?

A: Yes, because the brain mediates all experiences of living human beings. That does not mean that the brain creates the experiences.

and here is a page with lots more stuff.

I will blog more tomorrow, but I taped a TV show today, and am really tired.