Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Canada: A spiritual history wanted?

A fellow Canadian blogger, Jane Harris, is quite taken with The Spiritual Brain, and kindly writes that the book,
is making all sorts of new connections in my brain.

I found her blog most interesting, particularly where she says,
Over the past forty years, most analysis of history and public policy discussions have taken a materialist approach. History books talk about acts, events, and results, not dreams, grand visions and the emotions of historical figures. Their religion is either scoffed at or ignored.

Yes, she's right. I was a history textbook editor, off and on, and I found that to be true. As a result, the history of a country that is a very large portion of the geography of our planet (hint: it's spelled CANADA) is virtually unknown, including to most of the people who would be better off if they knew it. Many of these people are not Canadians, but people who interact regularly with Canada. Not knowing the spiritual dimension can be painful.

Hey, here are a few people to know about, NOT average, but they give you some idea: Thanadelthur, Kateri Tekakwitha, Jean de Brebeuf, Athol Murray, and Terry Fox. Why? Because their names occurred to me just now. I have read about them. Written about them. Lived with their legacy. Ut incepit fidelis sic permanet. (= I'll write about them if I live long enough.)

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