Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thinkquote of the day: Cardinal Schoenborn on faith and science

It sounds to me like Christoph, Cardinal Schoenborn gets some neuroscience implciations of the conflict between materialism and nonmaterialism, in his recent First Things essay, “Reasonable Science, Reasonable Faith”:
Neurobiological research ... can uncover withexquisite detail the physical substrate of mental processes. But neuroscience cannot prove that the mind is reducible to the brain, because its methods are unable directly to grapple with immaterial realities. (In fact, good neuroscience is highly suggestive of the irreducibility of mind to brain.)

The workings of the mind, as distinct from the brain, can of course be indirectly observed, as mario Beauregard shows. We talk quite a bit about that in The Spiritual Brain in Chapter 6, “Toward a Nonmaterialist Neuroscience.”
(Note: You have to buy a subscription to view Schoenborn’s First Things article just now (a good value, I may say); it doesn’t go into free archives for a couple of weeks.)

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